Fish Owl Aid


Privacy policy

Use of Personal Information

Fish Owl Aid collects some personal information from supporters as explained below:


Purposes of Use of Personal Information

Personal information we obtain is used for the following purposes:

• To report on our activities
• To inform you of participation in and promotion of our activities
• To get in touch with you for other purposes


Disclosure of Personal Information to Third Parties

Fish Owl Aid will not disclose your personal information to third parties except in the following conditions:

・You give us your consent to share your personal information
・Where its disclosure is legally required by relevant authorities
・Where it is disclosed to outsourcing partners within the context of implementing our business

When outsourcing to third parties, Fish Owl Aid will require the outsourcing partners to sign a confidentiality agreement to manage personal information properly so that they do not leak or repurpose the information.


Security Management of Personal Information

Fish Owl Aid makes every effort to raise awareness of proper handling of personal information and how to protect and manage personal information among persons responsible for its management. Fish Owl Aid will also take necessary security measures against risks of loss, destruction or leakage of personal information caused by unauthorized access.


Reference and Changes to or Deletion of Personal Information

Please contact us by email, if you want to refer to, amend or delete your personal information. We will respond to you properly.


Observation of Laws

Fish Owl Aid will observe laws on personal information, review the management of such information regularly, and make efforts for its improvement.


Defined as of 20 March, 2017