Fish Owl Aid


About Us

Fish Owl Aid is

Fish owls, an environmental indicator of Hokkaido. The continuation of their lives in safety is associated with our safe lives. Since 2008, the Fish Owl Aid consisting ten volunteers has been working on protection and preservation as well as diffusion and enlightenment based on Hamanaka-cho, Hokkaido, with aim of developing a fish owl protection collectively promoted by concerned communities in view of a sustainable preservation of the environment as resource for local key industries. The outcome of this activity contributes to all of re-recognition of local resources, revitalisation of the region, preservation of the entire ecosystem or promotion of protecting and preserving rare wild organisms including fish owls.

We are a non-profit organisation that addresses a future with fish owls in collaboration with or with support of individuals, corporates, institutions and others.


Protection and Preservation

Research and Patrol

We conduct researches on and patrols in habitats of fish owls to make progress in the protection effectively and properly. Monitoring of breeding pairs or inhabitation researches are regularly conducted as well. We patrol in their habitats with attention to the presence of their natural enemies, evolution of the environment or penetration of the humans, and utilise the results for protection measures.

Supportive feeding

We purchase live fish using the funds from the Fishy donation and release into special feeding ponds installed with the aim of protection as emergency assistance for breeding of fish owls.


To improve the environment of habitats of fish owls in the future, we afforest, do maintenance of the trees and validate the afforestation to ensure that the threes take root.

Diffusion and Enlightenment

Ecological education

Targeting children in relevant communities, we offer delivery lectures Fish owl education topicalising fish owls. We promote understanding and interest by providing opportunities to learn about and think of the connection between the environments where we live and where the familiar rare organism lives.

Human resources development

There is a shortfall of human resources working on protection of and research on fish owls. Fish Owl Aid accepts requests for training at other organisations, speak of the situation of fish owls, one of endangered species, and protective activities to various actors, and contributes to environmental preservation in view of the bio-diversity including rare wild organisms.

Public awareness raising

We call for support including donations, distribute information and raise awareness by opening windows of opportunity such as lectures, panel exhibitions or the web-site where we can share the situation and challenges of fish owl protection or approaches of our activities. We try to promote solutions to the challenges in corporation with various sectors.